Changing Lives in Adelaide

My aim is to help you create a life that you love and help you to achieve specific goals in any area of your life.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Breathwork is a powerful technique which works on all levels — mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It has its origins in Eastern yogic practices.

The process involves lying down with your eyes closed and breathing deeply and fully, in and out, through the mouth. This is called conscious connected breathing, where the inhalation and the exhalation continue rhythmically without a pause.

This type of breathing increases energy in your body and allows you to enter a non-ordinary relaxed state of consciousness.

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Heal past negative emotions
  • Resolve past and present issues
  • Release pain and tensions in the body
  • Develop self-understanding, self-knowledge and self-acceptance
  • Gain insights into yourself and unlock patterns

And much more.

Customer Feedback

About a year or so ago I was depressed and had no idea where I was heading, since attending one of Rozalia’s breath work sessions, I came away for the first time with a clear direction in my life (or was it redirection?!) I had made a decision with a goal and now I have reached that goal in part today.

I would thoroughly recommend Rozalia as a life coach to anyone who needs to refocus and achieve their goals and dreams!

I met Rozalia at a time in my life when things seemed mixed up and depressing. I found Rose to be an inspirational teacherand guide with the most compassionate and caring nature.

From my first breathwork session I was amazed at what I discovered about myself and the things I didn’t realise that had had an impact on my life and my health.  Rose has given me a great start to a better life for myself and my family.  I would highly recommend anyone to Rose who just needs that bit of extra help and clarity with life.