How to Develop Your Spiritual Wellbeing

“Live a long, fulfilling, happy life!”

Research shows that people with spiritual wellness live longer. Are you searching for more in life and want to gain a sense of wholeness? Do you feel a bit empty and disconnected from yourself?

To be spiritually healthy and well a person has the ability to know their purpose in life. They identify their values, follow their beliefs and then set and carry out meaningful lifetime goals. Spiritual wellness is also based on a person’s belief of a connectedness to a higher power, which supports them and others.

Benefits of spiritual wellness:

  • Feel fulfilled in life
  • Inspired and motivated
  • Feel connected with the self and others
  • Self- awareness, self- understanding and self –acceptance
  • Inner peace and strength
  • Clarity with a clear direction in life
  • Free from fear
  • Improved physical, emotional and mental health

I created the Enlighten Formula from over ten years of my own research, spiritual practises and experience working with hundreds of clients with various issues. I have also worked with spiritual masters and teachers, who have shared thirty years of their own research, knowledge and experience.

I developed nine steps in the formula and discovered that is in alignment with spiritual wellness, as the number nine symbolizes divine completeness. In numerology number nine is the number of universal love, eternity, faith, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.

Enlighten Formula

  1. Eliminate limiting beliefs
  2. New beliefs
  3. Love and compassion
  4. Identify values
  5. Goal setting
  6. Harmony
  7. Take control
  8. Emotional clearing
  9. Nature

Enlighten Formula

Steps to Spiritual Wellness

Eliminate limiting beliefs. Letting go of limiting beliefs will assist you to reach your full potential.

New beliefs. Install new empowering beliefs and perceptions.

Love and compassion. Learn the true meaning of loving yourself and develop compassion; caring for others and the environment.

Identify values. Identifying your values will assist you to gain your direction in life. Your values guide your decisions and actions.

Goals. Obtain the keys to setting goals. Discover your purpose in life and as you do life will truly take on a new meaning.

Harmony. Create balance in all areas of your life. Learn how to quieten the mind to create inner peace and discover who you are on a very deep and profound level.

Take control. Learn how to take 100% control of your life. Respond appropriately instead of reacting.

Emotional clearing. Eliminate blocks, resistance, and fears that have prevented you from fulfilling your purpose. Reconnect with yourself, allowing you to listen to your inner voice, follow your gut and intuition.

Nature. Connect with your own true nature. Discover the benefits of spending reflective time in nature.

The spiritual goal is to dissolve the ego allowing self- knowledge of one’s own true nature to become experienced and enacted in the world. This is also known as enlightenment, presence and the here and now. Developing spiritual wellness involves knowing ones purpose in life, controlling all senses, quietening the mind and practising meditation.

The enlighten formula is like waking up and seeing through a clear lens. In an enlightened state you feel, see and experience a divine quality in everything and everyone.

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