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Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching provides valuable support to improve all areas
of your life, whilst enhancing all dimensions of health and wellness –
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Are You Looking for Something Different?

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed and want help to move forward?

Holistic Life Coaching is a powerful approach.

My name is Rozalia and I use a combination of therapies, techniques, tools and strategies to help create lasting change in your life.

Overcome anxiety, panic attacks and depression

Break unwanted habits and behaviours

Improve relationships and resolve conflict

Work through loss, grief and separation

Heal traumas and abuse

Develop self confidence

Manage stress

Lead a balanced life

… and much more


I was feeling stuck, depressed, helpless and desperate for mental relief

When I found Rose’s website I was feeling stuck, depressed, helpless and desperate for mental relief. I was breaking down into tears at least every second day and unable to get on with life due to irrational anxiety and feeling weighed down from the inside. Always looking back. I tried other services on and off for a few years and made a bit of progress, but I just kept falling back into a depressed state.

Rose’s Sessions have changed all of this. I feel happier, lighter, and more confident then I have ever felt in my life. When people say, ‘How are you?’ in passing, I can say ‘Good thanks’ and actually mean it. Now when I smile, this is hard to explain, but when I smile it feels bigger and so much more genuine. People always say let go of the past, but that can be such a complicated thing to do. In my sessions with Rose I have been able to let go of so much of my past. I am able to look forward and focus on making my future what I want it to be. The techniques Rose uses helped me get to the root of my problems. Now have a good relationship with myself and feel confident that I know what is best for me. I am so very grateful for Rose and the time I have spent with her. It has been life changing.

I first discovered Holistic Life Coaching during a very difficult time in my life due to an unexpected long term relationship breakdown.

I went to my GP with insomnia and severe rashes up both forearms, which he informed me, were due to stress. Amongst medication prescriptions for anxiety he also suggested I see a counsellor. My research led me to Rose, and I’m so glad it did. I really didn’t know what to expect from the sessions and wasn’t sure it was going to be helpful, but was willing to try anything.

Rose taught me how to cope with the grief by expressing emotions, eliminating negative beliefs and meditating among other techniques. I was surprised at how effective the sessions were, and found them far more effective than the medication prescribed by my GP.

I have now moved past my grief and feel confident and ready to take on new and exciting challenges in my life. Rose’s guidance throughout the entire process has been invaluable and I don’t believe I would be at this positive point in my life without her help


What is holistic counselling?

You may have noticed that whenever you experience stress, it takes a toll over your physical and mental condition. Headache, body ache, upset stomach and lack of concentration are some of the common symptoms you experience during stress. This is because of the interconnection of mind, body and spirit.

Holistic counselling is an approach which assists healing by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration. It assesses and treats from physical and spiritual contexts. A holistic approach to counselling supports the fact that physical symptoms, emotional difficulties, or mental health challenges may result in major issues. Holistic counselling works to identify challenges, get through them, and minimize the effect they have on the individual.

Holistic counselling works on the Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual aspect of an individual. Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

This aspect is about evaluating the physical body and symptoms related to it. Stress can disturb bodily alignment. To assist the physical body other modalities such as chiropractic treatments, massage therapies, acupuncture, Yoga, energy healing, or reiki healing can be of benefit.  Naturopathy may also be utilized to support the body with additional supplements or treatments. Dieticians and counsellors also offer a diet chart, weigh management techniques, and an exercise schedule. Apart from diet and alignment, there are new treatments which work on the senses of the client. These include sensory deprivation chambers, saltwater chamber and more.

In the interconnection of mind, body and soul, spiritual aspect plays an important role in the healing process. A person who doesn’t possess any kind of spiritual beliefs can often experience things like anxiety or depression and do not feel fulfilled in their life. The counsellors try to incorporate the spiritual aspect in a generalized way. Some counsellors choose to let the client assert and superimpose their orientation onto the spiritual work that is conducted in a therapeutic environment. Incorporating spirituality into the treatment help an individual heal from past experiences, and it can give them a better sense of self.

Traditional forms of counselling are still used in therapy along with other holistic therapy techniques. This can include talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, exposure therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy etc.  Each of these therapies works with the mind to help an individual be able to get a hold on their feelings and cope better.

There are many different therapies and techniques to choose from to suit the individual. It is recommended to do in-depth research and then visit a trusted counsellor in your city.

Relax & Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Fill in your details to access FREE 10 minute meditation